Questions for the Wicked Chef

What does your fee include?

My fee includes prepping, cooking and cleaning for your dinner/party. With dinners, I will plate and serve if you wish. For parties, I will arrange the food buffet style. The fee does not include the cost of specialty and/or dietary foods.

Could you do a themed menu?

Absolutely! I love creating foods for themed events and have even created my own menu for show premiers such as Game of Thrones.

Why only weekends?

Currently I have only started this business and have another job that has me working during the week. When that changes, I will be glad to take clients all week.

Why Wicked Brew?

I love having fun and being different and I felt there was no reason to separate that with my own business. Cooking has always been a part of me, so it made sense to become personal cook/chef at home and provide personal chef services.

Why is your limit 16?

I feel it's better if I put a lower cap on for my clients. I don't want to sacrifice quality for quantity.

Do you do meal prep?

While it's not my main service, I could offer it if a client was in need of a weekly meal prep. They are welcome to email me and we can set a fee and schedule.